Friday, June 26, 2009

Missing Michael

This is craziness...I have been thinkin of what I can say about the terrible loss that the ENTIRE WORLD is now feeling over Michael Jackson's sudden death at 2:26PM PST on June 25th, 2009.

I was just searchin for my favorite songs by him last week while I created playlists on But all day yesterday while I sat with my eyes welling up as I watched the news reports, I remembered my own experiences and wonderment at this super icon..the greatest entertainer of all time! I think back to the day we bought the "Thriller" record with his picture imprinted on both sides in full color. Haven't seen anyone do that before or since! I think of the crazy talented dance moves he INVENTED (think Moonwalk) and the creative and compelling videos he released to his fans. I think of my sisters' walls covered in his posters. I think of the MJ doll at the house - complete with the legendary zippered leather jacket and the sparkly glove (left hand ONLY!) :) I think of the Pepsi commercial. I think of his perfect jheri curl and babyhair on the sides. I think of his interesting and influential fashion-sense. I think of "We are the World".

I wish he was able to make that comeback he dreamed of...that 50-date tour. I wish the media didn't rip him to pieces over bad choices. I wish he didn't have to resort to living his childhood throughout his adult years because his childhood was pounded out on stage under the strict ruling hand of his father, Joe, who reportedly called him "Big Nose". I wish alot of things for I simply pray his family is encouraged and comforted during their time of bereavement. The first of the Jackson children is gone ya'll, and sadly one of the youngest. He would have been 51 years old in August.

Even if you didn't necessarily like him, you HAD to respect him for his ability to make people scream and cry and pass out just at the sight of him... Plus he defined music and dance for nearly 40 years.

August 28, 1958 - June 25, 2009

*Check out this HOT live MJ mix that a DJ from Florida did at the club last night!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maybe I...

...complain too much

...want the best out of life but...

...don't allow the best in my life

...have a wall up that turns certain people off

...fall in love too easily but... too selfish to have only one sex partner so...

...wasn't cut out for a relationship. Could it be?

...feign confidence to cover insecurity

...should never have gotten married or...

...should have just stayed married too scared to actually capture my dreams

...fear failure AND fame

...should just pack up and move to D.C. like I've been contemplating

...wish my mom was still alive

...have addictions that include drugs or alcohol

...want more than I deserve

...tend to bite off more than I can chew just hurt, confused, perplexed, and stressed

...could be happy if I accept happiness

...choose to refuse depression. But who wants that anyway?

...just don't know


Friday, June 5, 2009

Did you wash them hands??

Why is that such a hard thing to do? While I admit that I am somewhat of a germ-o-phobe, it just makes sense to me that after you take a piss, drain the lizard, pay the water bill, urinate, pee...and certainly if you do #2, that you would stop by the sink and put that soap and water to good use!

I'm so bad that if go to the men's room in a public place and do my biz and wash my hands, I get furious if there are no paper towels to grab the door knob with. I understand the whole GOIN GREEN thing and we don't wanna use up alot of paper and create waste...I get that but I can air dry my hands alllll day and go to open the door and have to touch that infested door knob because the last nasty ass didn't wash his grimy hands. So I stand there staring at the door like "How am I supposed to get outta here?!?" LOL I've had to enlist toilet paper or the bottom of my shirt (UGH) to grab the handle and pull the door open.

I may have to just start carrying hand sanitizer in my pocket at all times.


I know we've all seen those signs posted in restaurants and other places where the employee have to handle food, but it got to the point at my office job, that they put up a sign in the men's room here too. It's necessary when you consider sharing equipment, drink fountains, vending machines, shaking hands it's just good hygiene and prevents sickness! Why does someone have to tell a grown man to wash his damn hands?

Told you I had a hint of OCD. Guess it could be worse though.