Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I hate it when you call me "Pa"!

I am a friendly guy. I have made several acquaintances and endearing friendships through cyberspace via social networking sites, instant messenger etc.. you get the picture! And after chatting for a while it's SOMETIMES nice to exchange phone numbers to become more accessible to those you have come to be comfy with and find mutual interests, lifestyles, or mindsets. Granted... this practice has backfired on me. Often dudes or ladies get tooo comfortable and want to text or call me at all hours - sending me those idiotic chain texts or asking me "What you doin?" at 3:00 in the frickin morning! I'm sleep, fool!!! Anyway, another such issue has popped up. Met this young dude. Wasn't tryna date him, get with him, sleep with him, NOTHING! Just being a nice guy since he seemed sane and mature. How bout this fella sends me a text almost every hour on the hour?? And what makes it worse, is that he calls me "Pa" like he invented the term! The first time I was called "Pa" (by someone else) was cute, even sexy. I liked it and even adopted it into my vocab when speaking to certain peeps. But this is waaaaaay outta hand now. LOL

This is an example of a convo we had yesterday:

Z "wat u doin pa?"

ME "nothing. at work"

Z "o ok pa. howz the day goin pa?"

ME "busy but it's cool"

Z "thatz gud. so whatz for lunch pa?"

ME "haven't thought about it yet"

Z "eat something for me 2 pa. lol"

((I don't respond as I'm annoyed now))

Z "so pa what u doin after work pa?"

((Again I ignore him))

Z "well make sure you call me when you get off pa"

((I did not call))

This is partial convo as he texts me through the evening and into the night asking me what I'm doing. I should just make him sign up to follow me on TWITTER!!! I ain't tryna be rude but DAMN!!


deonte' k said...

Lord!!! LOL

1st of all I hate someone texting me all day anyway... this type of text would get on my last nerve to be real lol. I realized over the years that not every1 needs ur phone #. that's why mines.... they never get lol.

Acoustic Soul said...

Too funny! Yea, you need to have him follow you on Twitter so then that way he'll cut down on texting you (maybe).

Good luck with this one. LOL!