Thursday, January 29, 2009

This is ME (sorta)

Been hovering around blogosphere for a minute and decided to jump out here and put in my two cents too, damnit. LOL

I am a 30-something Bi-sexual (leaning toward Gay) Black Male. Considered good-looking, I stand 5'9" and rock 165 lbs but this ain't no personal ad so who cares. My thoughts vary greatly on music, fashion, sex, pop-culture, news, God, and life in general. Everything about me is not GAY or even BLACK so who knows what might fly outta my brain. I consider myself somewhat of an artist. I can naturally do many creative things we call "art" but none of them well enough to go professional. Go figure. My image is protected for reasons I will explain as we take this journey together but I vaguely look like this (locs and all):

I love to write and have done so for a number of years: articles, reviews, fantasty, short stories and so forth. This is a little new to me and I am a novice but I think I have learned some very valuable rules and such for blogging and I hope to provide some interesting things to read about, ponder, argue, laugh at, or even question but that's how it goes around here, right?

I suppose that's enough for now. I think I'm going to enjoy this outlet.

BTW: I'm at work and I feel sneaky as hell. LOL Oh well..........

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Acoustic Soul said...

The way I see it is that I believe I will be back for many returns.

Welcome to Blogging. I'll put it that way since you said you've been around for a while. I hope get what you want and desire from this outlet.

Enjoy your stay, as I look forward too seeing/hearing things the way you see it.