Friday, January 30, 2009

Tax Refund = Shopping Spree??

So employers are supposedly required by law to send out the W2 no later than January 31st, which is tomorrow. With that in mind, there are tons of people filing taxes in hopes of gettin that fat IRS tax refund check!! Of course there are loads of personal and financial factors that determine how much that will be or if you will actually have to PAY Uncle Sam this year! I have graciously accepted check after check every year since I was 16 working my first job at Wendy's (secret: never eat the chili there). LOL Anyway... I was thinkin bout the money I've gotten back and wasted on garbage. Splurging! I even recall the couple of years when I was young and my sister allowed me to claim my niece as a dependant. I SWORE TO GOD that I was filthy rich when that check had like 3 zeros! It was like $2,000 or sumthin. Whew!! I've done way better since then. Maturity is a muh-fugga. So this year I'm again making a conscious effort to avoid that URGE to SPLURGE cause lawd knows there are some things I indeed WANT:

-18" Alba Heist Chrome Rims for the ride

-A manly fur coat (if that really exists). A brotha loves luxury!

-Austin Boots (leather and suede) by COACH

-Sony 40" LCD HDTV

-Samsung Instinct Phone (yes, I have Sprint, the suckas!)

-A couple Extrema by Zanetti suits. BUTTA!

Notice that these are all just things I could want but again I'm going to be practical. But if you feel generous with your lovely refund, I am accepting gifts all year long. LOL Just be wise, ladies and gents. Don't let them refunds burn a hole in your pocket. INVEST. SAVE. PAY DEM DAMN BILLS OFF! Now, If that sexy Obama sends these stimulus checks, I might have to release myself like a good nut. AAAHHHHHHHHHH

Have an awesome and exciting weekend. I can only hope mine is somewhere along those lines.


deonte' k said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! U are too funny with this 1.... but I feel you man, for real LOL. ;)

The Antonym said...

You know how "we" do!