Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Woes

There really ain't much to get excited about concerning my weekend. I did spend a considerable amount of time with Soldierboy. But we just ate and laid up lookin stupid. No sex or NOTHIN. GGRRRR The only time I was really away from him was when I dropped in on a birthday party for good homie. wasn't a party. It was a dinner! Since when did we get so old that we don't have good old-fashioned parties anymore? DANG!! Turn some music on in this joint. LOL But there is a time and place for I only stayed a couple hours. Other than that, I attended church on Sunday and them folks must have bucked and danced for blood up in there! Good 'ol sanctified church. Gotta love it. Pastor preached a powerful word and he sung his heart out at the end of service. I know every pastor swears they can sing but mine actually can. LOL

I slept through the Super Bowl. *shrugs* Who performed the half-time show anyway??

All I really felt like doing was sleeping. It's entirely too cold to be running the streets. The hawk was out and I hate for my face to be cold. So yeah. I slept. Alot. How boring. Maybe I AM getting old.

Is it really February already?? Time is flying by so gangsta. I really have to commit to accomplishing something significant this year. Now I'm rambling so I'll shut up for now...but I'm so serious.

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deonte' k said...

Yes I went to church this pass weekend too... this one lady had a testimony and she was getting it in lol... yes all pastors can not sing!!!! lol... have a great week buddy. :)