Friday, February 6, 2009

40 Random Truths Bout Me

This list is a relatively short but I just wanted to throw some stuff out there!!

*I'm a PK and a military brat.

*I've lived in 9 different cities, 5 states, 2 countries.

*My favorite color is GREEN (color of life...oh and MONEY).

*My favorite food is Italian.

*I hate flower prints on ANYTHING in my house.

*I lost my virginity when I was 16 to another 16 year old dude.

*I want to visit Egypt, Italy, and Japan very soon. Just because.

*Sometimes I laugh so loud I have to tell MYSELF to keep it down.

*I used to drink Dr. Pepper with every meal - including breakfast.

*I tend to wear Hip Hop gear. Considered the 'thug' amongst my group of friends but I'm totally not a thug.

*I would never date a thug but that saggin is fuckin SEXY!

*I have a wild addiction to the male ass! I stare on the cool. Love pics especially when there is hair down there. LOVE it.

*I own so many CDs that I have them stored at three different locations.

*I want children but I don't want to get married again.

*Oh yeah - I was married once.

*As a kid I loved fried bologna and grape jelly sandwiches. Now I DETEST bologna!

*During sex I am very very oral. I will put my mouth about anywhere.

*I've had sex in cars, bathrooms, clubs, and outside.

*I still wonder why Smurfette was the only female Smurf. I bet she was BUSY!!

*I have an Ipod but I've never used it.

*I sing

*I write

*I draw

*I paint

*I was a thespain in high school.

*On stage, I've played a preacher, a British guy, a cave dweller, a child, a gay prince (LOL), a dancer, a Puerto Rican gangster, an abusive father, and a judge.

*My best feature is my lips (not counting my third leg. LOL)

*I love 80s "Soft Rock" music.

*I wear glasses just for the look.

*The movie 'Candyman' actually scared me.

*I used to have a huge crush on Tevin Campbell.

*I've listened to grown folks music since I was 10.

*I will mix Vodka with....anything.

*I've never lost or broken a cell phone.

*I have OCD tendencies.

*I've never hit my nieces or nephews and I buy them random stuff.

*I smoked weed once and it made me hella horny. And hungry too, of course.

*I say LisaRaye is the most beautiful, sexy, fine woman EVER.

*I think that's quite enough


deonte' k said...

Thanks 4 sharing... now I know all ur business LOL. ;)

J said...

i get hella horny just from smoking a black & mild

D-Place said...

Your thoughts were random enough for me to want to come back.

Acoustic Soul said...

You're a PK, huh?? I'm the grandson of one.

YAY! My favorite color is green too!! We got something in common.

I tend to laugh loud too. My friends always say if we are out together and we get seperated, they want me to laugh so I can find their way back. lol

**I don't like saggin'. Don't find it hot or sexy**

You have an unused iPod? How long have you had this device?

I sing

I don't write

Now that you mention it, I've never broken or lost a cell phone either. I guess that can be considered quite a feat!

I will knock my nieces and nephews out in a heartbeat. Thats why they parents call me to discipline them. Go figure.

I've NEVER not EVER smoked weed.

fuzzy said...

A PK? I love PKs... Not the spoiled ones! lol
on the ass thing, there is a reason why they call me fuzzy! lol
You've been married? wow...
You can hand that Ipod ova here!
Lips and a 3rd leg? Congrats!
I can back you on that vodka mix...

The Antonym said...

DEONTE' K- don't be puttin my biz out in the streets of myspace. LOL

J- Don't take much, huh? For me neither man! LOL

D-PLACE- I'd appreciate that my dude!

ACOUSTIC SOUL- Had this iPod for like 6 mos. I need to put it on e-bay. Ya know saggin is against the law in some places? LOL You DO write...*wink*

FUZZY- I was so intrigued when I heard why they call you Fuzzy. (let me see. LOL) I may be forced to give you my iPod then... LOL

Losojosnuevos said...

"Candyman" scared the hell out of me. I swore somebody was in the house. After watching that movie, I discovered a cut in the closet wall that I'd never noticed (no lie).

deonte' k said...

The Antonym: OK I will try not to lmao. ;)

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Love the list!!! LoL.