Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'ma cut this ho

I think we all have at least that one co-worker that just irks the living crap out of us! Well mine is this 200% white lady named Beth (I didn't change the name) who looks way older than she is, I've found. As it is she sits directly across from me. All that seperates our cubicles is a little half wall. I'm tellin you I'm gonna bring in some old cardboard boxes and build a WHOLE wall with office desk tape and push pins and staples!!!! She annoys me with incesent stories about her BIG FUN times at the buffet or at Wal-Mart with the fat hubby and their little fat offspring. I just smile and throw in a "Wow" or a "Are you serious?" with buttloads of fake sincerity and disinterest. She doesn't get it.

But adding insult to injury, she decides to come to work for the past week and a half with the most mack truck sounding cough I have ever heard. Sounds like she is chokin' on a Doberman. Take that germ-infested bark to the house and kill it with good drugs like the rest of us do! Our office is generally pretty quiet until she erupts!! Half the time I jump and consequently roll my eyes so hard I think I'm bout to pass out. I'm not insensitive to the sick but she has health insurance (she was so forthcoming in tellin me all the details about the policy *rolls eyes again*)... so USE IT! And did I mention she smokes like a '72 Pinto?? Must be 10 packs a day. She takes more smoke breaks than should be allowed by law and brings that funk into my vicinity and then spreads all that gunk together so I can inhale it. She and my boss are buddies and I wish he would move her hackin ass down there by HIS office. I don't need this agitation and disturbance! Oh, but let me sneeze and she will be the first one screaming "DISINFECT!! HAHAHA" You ain't funny, ho!

I am furious and just had to tell somebody. LOL


Kendal said...

LOL!! Wow! I would love to sit in your office and watch your facial expressions. I bet they're hilarious.

Losojosnuevos said...

Too funny. I hate cubicles. I had a co-worker once who wouldn't shut up. Even when I tried to ignore him, he'd say "not interested?" Hell now I'm not interested! I wanted to say. I dealt with him until I quit. It sucked.