Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ameri-can't Idol

Is it just me or are we plagued yearly by those American Idol contestants that have no business making it to the top 12, let alone the top 50 or even top 10,000 for that matter?

There are always strange twists and sometimes even those we expect to see go sailing through the competition, get the boot early on.

I'm not all into it like I have been in years past but I pop in on the Fox network to see what's going on each week. Last week, I wasn't too surprised with the outcome - other than the top voted female. I mean she aight but I don't wanna see her week after week. One young lady named Tatiana (right) who I felt could do well vocally with her smoky soulful sound was a complete and utter wreck in the personality department. It was actually painful to watch her. And when she was eliminated, I laughed my ass off at how juvenile she responded. I was rather shocked and she should be embarrassed. Dude named Anoop (below), who could easily pass for Sanjaya's (remember her?...I mean him?) tamer, less lady-like cousin, was a decent singer but they sent him home last week too, to my surprise.

I wanted see one of the very few Black faces make it through. Stephen Fowler (left)
has a really nice voice but he chose the wrong song. We know how that goes. I love "Rock with You" by Micheal Jackson but no, Stephen. No. The 2 fellas that made it are OK and that's really all I can say about them. LOL

Wednesday night I was disgusetd to see the antics of a certain Nick Mitchell (below right). What the F*CK? Get off the stage. How in the hell did you steal a real singer's chance with your unfunny buffoonery and lack of singing talent? Are you for real? I guess.

Then there were the 2 sistas from that night. Jeanine and Jasmine. How disappointing. I don't believe they sung what fit them. Sing something that means something. Where are the Fantasia's of AI? The Latoya London's? The Melinda Doolittle'? s REPRESENT SISTAS!! Please? I'm kinda glad they were sent home last night. I'm very glad Allison Iraheta made it through and also Adam Lambert (left) (this glam-rocker lookin dude can SQUALL. You better holla white boy! LOL). 18 year old Mishavonna was good too but maybe not really ready. And I can't say a word about any of it cause I didn't vote. Oops. LOL

I don't get all excited about the show like I used to. I just like to see how terrible singers get up there and butcher great songs or choose the wrong ones! Like I said, not expecting much this year but I'm sure I will be commenting from time to time on the parade of disappointment.



thegayte-keeper said...

why is this show still on TV? no wonder they don't recognize @ the grammies like that

deonte' k said...

I really used to love American idol... I been to every live show or concert I should say... but they are slipping now... although I still watch it, its not the same as it used to be!