Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Whitney lookin goooood!

Whitney Houston receives a standing ovation when she takes the stage at the 2nd Annual BET Honors Award Ceremony, held in D.C this year. Houston was there to present an award to honoree Tyler Perry. The event, hosted by Gabrielle Union, will air on BET February 9th.


I am excited to see what happens. She indeed LOOKS far better than I have observed in years. So let's hope that the woman who was the object of my affection during my puberty still has at least some of what it takes to make a solid comeback. It's been a long time coming so let's hope for the best. I don't know if she is performing at the awards show. There was no mention of that but hopefully in the near future, a living legend can regain her composure AND her throne. Some 'blasts from the past' need to remain in obscurity, but the industry could use what Whitney has if she delivers it right: real music and powerhouse vocals. We've seen the emergence of some real singers lately like Ledisi and Jazzmine Sullivan and Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson nem....but this is one lady I wouldn't mind seeing rejoin the ranks.


Mr. Jones said...

You're soooooooooo right. Whitney looks waaaaaaay better than she did just a couple of years ago. I knew it was that damn Bobby that was her downfall.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by my spot and commenting. I appreciate that.

Acoustic Soul said...

Damn! She does look good. I know after she got off stage she was cussin' and smokin'

deonte' k said...

Yes she looks great! ;)