Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is image really EVERYthing?

I have a friend of a friend who is not yet even 30 years old and is in the middle of doing some cosmetic enhancing processes. He is not a bad looking dude by any means - he's actually kinda cute, which is why I chose to write on this topic in the first place.
He is to have surgery on his mid section (lipo-suction or something), a brow lift, stretching his chin somehow, and a chemical peel. All these procedures seem so unnecessary in my view. But I also see flaws with my own look that I have wished were different at one time or another. Like my lips and nose. They are...um...ethnic. LOL It used to make me self-conscious through my teen years but I have since embraced my ethnic features and it hasn't seemed to block me from attracting attractive people. You feel me? As a matter of fact, I get mad love for my full lips now but I was teased as a kid. Granted, I know there is more to it than attraction. I guess. But I don't have the personal goal of becoming a super model or to be propped up sittin in front of a movie camera. I ALMOST get it when film, television, print media, and music stars feel the need to stay pretty but what about the average Joe. Is it really that serious? Folks have to go through various stages of psychological evaluations to be approved for cosmetic surgery from what I understand. Is the answer always "I just want to look better!"?

And what about the inherent dangers of going under the plastic surgeon's knife? I have seen faaaar too many mutilated faces. People who no longer even look like themselves. Can you imagine passing a mirror and having to take a second glance because you don't recognize your own face? Frightening. The two best known cases I can come up with are Micheal Jackson and unfortunately...Lil Kim. They both were nice looking individuals. Natural, ethnic. Then they changed little by little until it was way too much . In my opinion they both appear artificial to me. Like plastic bots. I appreciate their art, their craft, their contributions to entertainment, but I can hardly look at them without shaking my head in curiosity and awe.

I just wonder if we are sickeningly obsessed with youth and beauty. I know it's not just the gay men's plight but this generation or probably more so this society and era of fashion and Next Top Models that makes people fulfill the urge to have their faces rearranged just to remain relevant and desirable.


thegayte-keeper said...

I find all this procedure so crazy...I mean all this done just so others can say you look good when we know it's natural?

Anonymous said...