Friday, May 22, 2009

Music Changed My Life

I was just thinking on the things that seem to have influenced me as a person. There are many... but I feel that MUSIC is easily the most powerful thing to ever really happen to me, aside from God of course. Music has the power to encourage or educate, to evoke laughter or a myriad of thought. Then there is baby-makin music and chill music and music that makes you dance. Even deeper than all of that, music can literally change you. I was listening to Jill Scott's "Who is Jill Scott" CD earlier and remembered vividly the very day that I first heard it in it's entirety. I was driving home from work on a rainy and cloudy afternoon with one of my homies. I had purchased it at lunch and waited until after work to open it up. I popped it in and allowed her words and sounds to gently massage and enlighten me. We both rode in total silence - hypnotized and captivated by the fresh sweetness of this voice, this force that was taking us on a journey of answering the question: "Who is Jill Scott?". That was one of the most powerful moments that I have experienced with music. (Congrats to her and her fiance, by the way, on the birth of her first baby - JETT HAMILTON ROBERTS born on April 20th) There are some other CDs/albums that have done the same type of thing to me. They mark significant and memorable times in my life and they never ever get old to me. Most of them were introductions by artists that I am now a huge fan of. I'm almost afraid to list them as I know the list is largely incomplete and as soon as I publish this post, there will be countless others that come to mind. But either way, I just took a quick mind inventory and here is what I came up with:


Jill Scott - Who is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol 1

Erykah Badu - Live

Norman Brown - After the Storm

Lalah Hathaway - Self-Titled

Will Downing - A Dream Fulfilled

Anita Baker - Rapture/Compositions

Donnie - Can't recall the CD name. Help!

Mary J. Blige - My Life

Milira - Back Again

Jennifer Hudson - Self-Titled

Ledisi - Lost & Found


Kim Burrell - Everlasting Life

Israel Houghton - Live From Another Level

Sunny Hawkins - More of You

Fred Hammond - Pages of Life

Donnie McClurkin - Live in London

Kirk Franklin - The Rebirth

Donald Lawrence - Law of Confession

Kim McFarland - New Life

What has changed your life? Any significant music?

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